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Have you been trying to find a reliable way to trade crypto? PayPal is not available for use in Pakistan, and you need a United States bank account to get a verified PayPal account. However, several PayPal alternatives are available in the country to facilitate e-currency exchange. Let us take a look at a few of these alternatives!

Best PayPal Alternatives in 2024 for E-Money Exchange

1.    Skrill

Skrill has become a trusted digital wallet provider, serving users in over 200 countries and supporting 40 different currencies. Its extensive reach makes it ideal for individuals and businesses engaged in cross-border transactions.

It has a transparent pricing structure, with most domestic transactions being free. However, you may encounter fees for currency conversion, withdrawals, and credit card transfers. Despite occasional issues with customer support and account closures, Skrill remains a popular choice due to its versatile payment processing options.

2.    JazzCash

JazzCash is a leading e-wallet solution in Pakistan, offering seamless currency exchange and money transfer services. With its intuitive platform and minimal requirements for account opening, JazzCash caters to the needs of Pakistani consumers.

With over 38 million active users, JazzCash has established itself as a preferred choice for e-money transactions in Pakistan. Its native currency is PKR, offering a convenient solution for local transactions and currency exchanges.

3.    Payoneer

Payoneer has emerged as a go-to platform for businesses seeking comprehensive solutions for cross-border transactions. From money transfers to working capital, Payoneer offers tailored services for e-commerce ventures, freelancers, and small enterprises.

While Payoneer’s fee structure varies, it generally remains competitive in the market. Users may face fees for receiving payments, withdrawing funds, or maintaining account inactivity. Despite challenges with customer support responsiveness and ATM withdrawal fees, Payoneer’s holistic approach to accounts payable management and competitive exchange rates make it a viable alternative.

4.    EasyPaisa

EasyPaisa is another widely used e-wallet in Pakistan. It is known for its user-friendly platform and transparent policies. With minimal account opening requirements and reasonable transaction charges, EasyPaisa appeals to a broad audience of Pakistani consumers.

EasyPaisa’s user base has surpassed 25 million, highlighting its growing popularity among the Pakistani population. With its straightforward approach to e-money management, EasyPaisa provides a reliable alternative to traditional banking services.


NETELLER offers secure digital wallet solutions with instant access to funds and robust security features. With support for over 100 payment methods and multi-currency accounts, NETELLER caters to businesses seeking efficient e-money management solutions.

While NETELLER’s fee structure varies, users should be cautious of potential hidden fees associated with third-party integrations. Despite challenges in finding it as a checkout option during online shopping, NETELLER’s secure digital wallet solutions and global reach make it an ideal choice for businesses operating across borders. Its native currency is USD.

If you are wondering how to verify a Neteller account in Pakistan, you should be warned that the platform may not be available at your location. Instead, you should consider using a digital currency exchange platform like XChanger to trade your crypto.


6.    XChanger

XChanger simplifies the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in Pakistan and the UAE, offering a user-friendly platform with no hidden charges. With support for bank transfers, EasyPaisa, and JazzCash, XChanger makes crypto trading accessible to all.

XChanger hosts over 20 popular cryptocurrencies, providing users with ample investment choices. Its transparent fee structure ensures that users know what they’re paying for each transaction, fostering trust and reliability.

To Wrap Up

While PayPal is a dominant player in the e-money exchange market, there are several viable alternatives available in 2024. Whether you’re looking for global payment solutions, social payment platforms, or specialized e-wallets, the options discussed above offer diverse features and pricing structures to suit your needs.


However, XChanger emerges as the obvious star in this list of PayPal alternatives. So, instead of searching for how to purchase PayPal in Pakistan, start trading using XChanger’s user-friendly website today!